As the name suggests, Lipstick effect is a finish that resembles a lipstick look. More opaque in finish, it is long lasting and designed to suit you. a colour is created to compliment your appearance 

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Lip tint / lip blush 

A sheer tint of colour in a water colour type effect is tattooed, giving a subtle and more natural look. This is buildable and a great place to start for those wanting a healthy brightness to the lip without looking like makeup.

lasting a little less time due to less pigment being implanted into the lip skin. Results can last 1-2 years. A great way to create a look of a fuller lip or re create a boarder after fillers or loss of pigment through ageing. a beautiful youthful look


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In cases where a lip has lost colour from a variety of reasons such as scarring, pigmentation changes, or just for wanting to acheive a brighter, healthy looking colour, lip tattoo can be the answer. Applied to be undetectable to most but with striking results 


Lip colour Neutralisation

It is common in many people to have a cool or dark tone to their lips. Of course this is considered to be beautiful. However some desire to neautralise these tones to appear lighter and brighter. This is a high risk technique that should only be carried out by a lip tattooist that specialises in this skill. 

It may take anywhere from 1-4 sessions, depending on the colour and condition of the lip. 

It is quiet a process and in cases the lip can appear darker during the healing process with sessions spaced several months apart.