Journey of Healing

While it is important to understand that every individual heals differently and the results differ, this is a guide to what you may experience in your personal journey.
It is important to remember also that not everyone experiences each of these. 

What to Expect Post Brow Tattooing

Day 1-2

Your eyebrows will become darker as the pigment and lymph oxidises. You could potentially feel regret for having had these done at this point due to the colour appearing to be too dark, the brows  or lips looking too big, or not being even. This is absolutely normal.

Day 7-10 Post Brow Tattooing

The relief moment. there could be some crusting and flaking at this point. Do not, under any circumstances pick or remove this. it will fall away naturally.

Day 14-25

Tattoo may have faded to the point where they could potentially not look visible. During this time, your healing skin cells change and the pigment that is implanted cannot be seen. This is also normal and colour will reappear. 

Day 21-29 with Your Gorgeous New Brows

  • Machine brows & lip tattoo: You will have some colour loss and require some additional attention.
  • Microblading: You’ll notice some hair strokes will reappear with some some hair stokes partially or fully missing. It is possible in some cases for up to 40% of the colour and strokes to be missing between your first ad seconds sessions. 

Day 28-42

A second (in some rare cases a third) session is required. This is also referred to as a perfection visit or touch up. 
  • For machine work, a touch up will be scheduled 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment.
  • For microblading,  the missing stokes filled in and strokes added. The same healing process will take place as previously, however as not every single hair stroke requires retouching, during the healing cycle your eyebrows appear patchy. 
After the healing is complete at approximately a month after the session your artist will then be able to determine if a third and final session will be required or when you will need to schedule your next full session.
As a general rule the following applies for follow-up appointments:
  • Microblading : 6 months for oily skins, 12-16 + months for others.
  • Machine :12 for oily skins, 18 months for others.

Beyond this time the appointment is charged as a full session and not a colour refresh)