The most commonly requested eyebrow tattoo technique and arguably the most natural and versatile. It is boarder-less, buildable and works with the natural existing brow rather than recreating. A soft and delicate technique that yields a powerful result. Keep them guessing. It isn’t a technique where you’ll be asked who tattooed your eyebrows, but rather comments of “you look good! Whats different” 

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powder brow tattoo

Bold and  Defined. A crisp outline with a evenly pigmented finish. Think Instagram make up worth brows, every day 

While this technique is also buildable in terms of density it has a lot more of a make up resemblance to the Ombre technique. This is idea for the client who enjoys a make up look without the upkeep

A soft front of the brow is the finishing touch to this beautiful stylised eyebrow look

COmbination Tattoo

There are two offerings that combine the hair stroke effect and powder or ombre tattoo. known as combination tattoo, hair strokes are etched into the centre front where the then merge into a defined midsection of the brow to the tail. 

In some cases, where there is a need or preference of more hair strokes, what was once known as a blade and shade is known as nano strokes and shading. hair strokes are tattooed in with a machine, not a blade as previously 

Corrective tattoo

In cases of work done previously, it is often recommended to have removal sessions. In cases where this has been decided against, reconstructive cover up tattoo sessions can be beneficial.

While Amanda is a cover up specialist, the results will only eve be able to be as good as the skin quality and can take several sessions to achieve an attractive result. 

without knowing the history of the previous work, a lot of work is left to educated estimates. Dealing with deeply deposited pigment, scared skin and colour breakdown takes a high level of skill.

The client will need to adhere to strict preparation guidelines.

Work of this nature is charged per session and up to 4 can be expected. 

As in any case, results are not guaranteed and removal is advised. It is at the clients discretion to choose cover up corrective work, and by proceeding they are committing to as many sessions as is required