Online Pre consultation form must be completed prior to tattoo. No Tattoo booking is confirmed without having completed this first and being confirmed by Amanda Guerin Brow Artistry. Due to the nature of this service and contraindications, your suitability needs to be confirmed first. 



50% non-refundable booking fee to secure ALL appointments, payable at time of booking. No changes please.

Full booking fee is forfeited if cancelled or amended within 48hrs of booking. 50% of fee charged if within 72 hours of confirmed booking. 

We ask that, given the nature of these treatments and services, should you need to change your booking that you do so with no less that 1 weeks notice. 

Failure to show to an appointment will give Amanda Guerin Brow Artistry the right to cancel or deny any future bookings. 

When booking, Please reply to your confirmation email with evidence of your Covid 19 vaccinations. As this is a close contact business, we take every measure to protect our clients, their families and staff by doing our bit to help control the spread of covid 19 and other contagious disease or infections. 

Things for you to know:

Cosmetic tattoo requires maintenance. it is implanting pigment/ink into the dermis, which over time will fade, break down in part and change colour.

This is a very intense treatment. Upon conclusion of this treatment, the area treated will be very dark and very exact in colour.  This will fade over the next 4-10 days. There will be swelling and trauma in the surrounding tissue. There are times that there can be bruising in the surrounding tissue and some pigment migration. While every effort is made to avoid this, it is s possible risk. (For eyebrow tattoo, your tattoo will be completed over two or more sessions, which by proceeding you are agreeing to. Two treatments are required to build the tattoo appropriately and to ensure that your pigment will retain its colour and intensity, which must be completed between 6-10 weeks apart or it will be considered a full session, not a touch up and charged for as such), For all cosmetic tattoo, an annual colour boost is recommended. It is essential that you follow the aftercare outlined by us and given to you in your aftercare pack. Do not touch the treated area with unwashed fingers as you may cause infection. In rare cases, there is a chance of your Cosmetic tattoo reacting in your skin either due to allergy or foreign body build up. This can happen many years later and cannot be foreseen. Please refrain from applying anything other than what is prescribed by your artist. No gym, public swimming pools, saunas, spas, and sun exposure over the next week. Take care when showering not to place the full pressure of the nozzle on the area. Failure to do so can lead to improper healing, infection and damage to the work. If a client picks the cosmetic tattoo OR intentionally fails to follow the aftercare instructions provided, Amanda Guerin Brow Artistry is not liable and withholds the right to terminate any future bookings with the client. Payments are non-refundable under any circumstance.


It is essential that the information provided by you for the purpose of this treatment is accurate and complete, and have read and understood its contents. By booking with Amanda Guerin Brow Artistry indicates that this is so and that you agree to the cost of treatment and the use of your photographs for any marketing purposes. It also indicates that you faithfully make the following statement:

I understand, have read and completed this form truthfully. I agree that this constitutes full disclosure and that it supersedes any previous verbal or written disclosures. I understand that withholding information or providing misinformation may result in contraindications and/or irritation to the skin from treatments received. I am aware that it is my responsibility to inform the tattooist/therapist/artist /staff member of my current medical or health conditions and to update this history. The treatments I receive here are voluntary and I release Amanda Guerin Brow Artistry limited and/or the tattooist/ skincare professional/staff member from liability and assume full responsibility thereof.

It is essential that the information provided by you for the purpose of this treatment is accurate and complete and that you have read and understood.

Consent and Agreement

Thank you for choosing  AMANDA GUERIN BROW ARTISTRY  for your cosmetic and beauty services.

Every treatment has a risk of reaction, even if you have had the same treatment at a salon many times before, sometimes your skin and physiology can change, the products can be blended differently and sometimes medications and lifestyle changes can cause unwanted reactions.

A patch test is always recommended for treatments such as tinting henna, and so on. If you are concerned about getting a reaction please request a patch test. Be aware that you will then need to wait 48 hours before you can have your treatment. A patch test does not mean that by not responding at the time of patch test, that you never will, it means that at the time of the patch test you did not respond. Exposure events to different allergens can be tolerated in some cases for many years before any side effects and there is no way of knowing if and when this may be.

while a patch test holds no guarantees, By declining the patch test, or moving forward without one,  you understand and are accepting full responsibility for any reactions to the treatment that may occur today or furthermore.

By proceeding with your treatment/ beauty service/s, you acknowledge that all beauty treatments carry certain inherent and possible risks (including, but not limited to) redness, irritation, itching, swelling and/or other symptoms of reaction or response that are beyond you beauty specialists responsibility or control.

You also acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you have about proceeding with this optional cosmetic service.

By booking your appointment you remove all risk and liability from, any staff, trading partners and business partners. You take full responsibility for any adverse effects of any treatment performed on today’s date and all future treatments. If by result of having this treatment or future treatments you need to seek medical attention, do not hesitate to do so, but it will be at your own expense. 

Services are not refundable but I/we will make every effort to make your treatment meet your expectations.

By booking you are declaring that “I have been advised and fully informed by Amanda Guerin Brow Artistry concerning the treatment I am undertaking and any possible adverse side effects. I accept that occasionally treatment may not produce the actual effect I require and understand that occasionally human error occurs. I acknowledge the treatment is for cosmetic purposes only. I understand that any health conditions or medications can affect the healing, the colour and overall result.

I hereby authorise and direct Amanda Guerin Brow Artistry to administer treatment as agreed. No guarantees have been made to me regarding the results.

My booking and accepting the service constitutes my acknowledgement that the proposed treatment process has been explained to me and I am fully informed. I hereby give my consent and authorisation and release Amanda Guerin Brow Artistry and its agents of any claims that I have, or may have in the future in connection with the described treatment.

I understand that the Artist has the right to decline to proceed with any work if they feel it is best to do so.

I understand that I can discontinue treatment at any stage and Amanda Guerin Brow Artistry has the right to discontinue treatment if a failure to follow instructions or break this agreement in any way.”

Prices and booking terms are subject to change without notice. Please enquire for the latest details.  ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS