Looking After Your New Brows

It is imperative that you follow the after are as instructed. Failure to do so can impair your result and have serious repercussions.

For the next 3 hours clean the lymph (clear sweat looking fluid) off your brows with the cotton rounds and green soap provided, (clean every 10-15 min 1st hour or 4-6 times, 20-30 min the next 2 hours or 2-3 more times per hour) if you do not do this you will have excess scabbing and may not heal correctly.

After the initial treatment day, the eyebrows need to be cleaned with soap and water 3 times a day, not cleaning brows will lead to potential infection. Dab dry with a tissue, not a towel that others may have used or carrying bacteria. As of evening apply your cream (provided) in very small amounts, morning and night. If they do start to get itchy you can apply when needed . NO exercising until your brows heal, sweat will put pigment out of your brows. Also no gym, spas or saunas at this does the same thing as well as a high infection risk. Please refrain from public swimming pools, saunas, spas, and sun exposure over the next week. Once healed, SPF is recommended. Take care when showering not to place the full pressure of the nozzle on the area.

At day 3-7 you may get some scabbing of the brows, this is normal. Don’t pick the scabs as you will take the pigment out as well and can cause scarring. The scabbing will only last 2-4 days at most. Once the scabbing is over you can exercise as normal. The brows will still change colour for approximately 4 weeks. Use a clean pillowcase, wash your hands before touching your face. Your tattoo is an open wound so infections are possible if you are not keeping them, or anything that touches them clean.

This is an intense treatment. Upon conclusion of this treatment the area treated will be very dark and very exact in colour. This will fade over the next 4-10 days. There will be swelling and trauma in the surrounding tissue. There are times that there can be bruising in the surrounding tissue and some pigment migration. We recommend that you have minimum of two treatments for each area to ensure that your pigment will retain its colour and intensity. It is essential that you follow the aftercare outlined by us and given to you in your aftercare pack. In rare cases, there is a chance of your cosmetic tattoo reacting in your skin either due to allergy or foreign body build up. This can happen many years later and cannot be foreseen.

If any symptoms not discussed show, contact your artist and a health professional in case of allergic reaction or infection.


What To Avoid Whilst Your Eyebrow Tattoo is Healing

Do not use facial cleanser on the treated area for the first 4 days. During the first 7 days all the creams (except for the protective one), all make-up (foundation) in the eyebrow area. Avoid workouts that involve a lot of sweating, direct shower spray, tanning, sauna, facial massage and steaming – inhalation. Whist the area is healing there can be some mild itching, flaking and crusting. This is normal. It is imperative that you DO NOT PICK OR RUB the treated area. Failure to follow instructions can result as an automatic cancelation of your touch up appointment.

For the next 30 days, avoid the following:

  • Sunbathing, solarium, light therapies, chemical peelings, fruit acids, microdermabrasion, creams that contain regeneration factors.
  • Always avoid laser treatments over the treated area (fraxel laser, IPL), because they can destroy the pigment and cause burns.
  • Use of antibiotics and hormonal therapy can lead to a faster pigment fading.
  • Always protect the eyebrows from the sun with SPFs (not during the first 7 days).
  • Do not use AHA or RetinA products on the tattooed area as the products will affect ink/pigment.